The various components of this Festival - Competition, International Band Exchange, Workshops and Outreach Programme, help us to promote band activities beyond schools and provide a platform where band members of all levels continuously strive for excellence to raise the standard of bands in Singapore and abroad.

Through these activities, participants will also have an opportunity to experience the dynamic quality present in wind music repertoire in Singapore and around the world.



This competition has been carefully planned to enables band members to unleash their potential and creativity. With 3 divisions, bands would be able to choose and perform within their most comfortable level, allowing them to focus well throughout the learning process.

Steered by an Artistic Committee made up of established music professionals from various local and international organisations and institutions, the Competition will take place at The Republic Cultural Centre, Esplanade Concert Hall and other venue from 18 to 23 July 2012.






You may choose to participate in ONE the following categories:

  1. Open Division
  2. Division I
  3. Division II
  4. Division III (Elementary/ Primary School)

Applicable to Open Division Only:

  1. Bands applying to participate in the Open Division will need to submit a good-quality recording of two (2) contrasting pieces for a preliminary round selection together with the application form. Recordings are preferred in MP3/MP4/WMV format in CD.

  2. Up to twelve (12) bands will be selected to participate in the Open Division through ‘blind’ audition by the Festival Artistic Advisory Council. Bands not selected will be offered to participate in Division I.

  3. All decisions are final. Audition results will be announced by 15 April 2012 via email.

  4. Note that audition materials submitted is non-returnable.

  5. Bands are required to perform White Noise by Ralph Hultgren. Music score can be purchased via the publisher, Grand Mesa.

Required Piece

There is NO required piece for bands participating in Division I, II and III.

All bands are advised to perform contrasting works that has a significant level of technical difficulty and musical depth which can best display their band’s performance ability.

Applicable to Open Division Only:

Bands are required to perform the required piece as set by WBAS, which shall be made known in December 2011.

Choice Piece & Duration

Bands are required to choose their choice pieces according to the requirements for the respective categories.

Musicians’ Eligibility

1. Each musician (excluding conductor) may perform with only one of the     participating bands, regardless of division.

2. Musicians Restriction:

  1. Open Division: No restrictions.
  2. Division I: Up to 10% professional* musicians of total musicians strength (excluding conductor).
  3. Division II: No professional* musicians (excluding conductor) will be allowed. All musicians must be age 19 years or below as of 23 July 2012 (i.e born on or after 23 July 1993)
  4. Division III: Only current students of elementary/ primary schools are allowed
  5. * Professional musician is defined as those who received tertiary education in music, performs or teach music as a profession.

List of the Bands

Performance Time Name of Performing Band Country Ave Marks Award
18 Jul (Wed) TRCC Division III @ TRCC
10:00:00 AM 雨城四小管乐团 China 82.21% Silver
10:20:00 AM 培英小学管乐团 China 92.97% Gold
10:40:00 AM Choong Wen Primary Wind Band Malaysia 90.01% Gold
11:00:00 AM 幸福管乐团 China 81.36% Silver
11:20:00 AM 滨江小学小江豚管乐团 China 80.71% Silver
11:40:00 AM 花家地实验小学管乐团 China 75.44% Bronze
12:00:00 PM 春蕾管乐团 China 70.08% Bronze
18 Jul (Wed) Division II @ TRCC
2:00:00 PM Yishun Secondary School Symphonic Band Singapore 83.36% Silver
2:20:00 PM Presbyterian High School Symphonic Band Singapore 90.58% Gold
2:40:00 PM Seri Puteri Winds Malaysia 90.94% Gold
3:00:00 PM Unity Symphonic Band Singapore 78.65% Bronze
3:20:00 PM Riverside Secondary School Band Singapore 80.86% Silver
3:40:00 PM Woodlands Ring Secondary School Symphonic Band Singapore 72.08% Bronze
4:20:00 PM Tshung Tsin Wind Symphony Malaysia 91.44% Gold
4:40:00 PM Manjusri Concert Band Singapore 84.86% Silver
5:00:00 PM 金帆管乐团 China 85.51% Silver
5:20:00 PM Zwinds Singapore 84.22% Silver
5:40:00 PM Canberra Symphonic Band Singapore 70.51% Bronze
6:00:00 PM Outram Concert Band Singapore 73.36% Bronze
7:30:00 PM Anglo Chinese School (Independent) Junior Band Singapore 70.22% Bronze
7:50:00 PM 东莞市青少年活动中心管乐团 China 74.44% Bronze
8:10:00 PM Millennia Institute Symphonic Band Singapore 86.15% Silver
19 Jul (Thurs) Division II @ TRCC
10:00:00 AM Chung Ling High School Wind Orchestra Malaysia 84.90% Silver
10:20:00 AM Pasir Ris Concert Band Singapore 71.76% Bronze
10:40:00 AM Jasa Wind Malaysia 73.33% Bronze
11:00:00 AM 兴华中学管乐团 Malaysia 93.28% Gold
11:20:00 AM 台湾桃园县平镇国中管乐团 Taiwan 93.69% Gold
11:40:00 AM The Renaissance Malaysia 86.83% Silver
12:00:00 PM Swiss Winds Singapore 85.62% Silver
1:30:00 PM Anderson Military Band Singapore 84.21% Silver
1:50:00 PM Fairfield Symphonic Band Singapore 83.50% Silver
2:10:00 PM 南京一中交响管乐团 China 74.07% Bronze
2:30:00 PM Jurong West Symphonic Band Singapore 74.36% Bronze
2:50:00 PM Bukit Merah Concert Band Singapore 73.14% Bronze
3:10:00 PM 潭子国中管乐团 (Tantsu J H Wind Ensemble) Taiwan 90.50% Gold
3:50:00 PM Regent Secondary Wind Symphony Singapore 83.79% Silver
4:10:00 PM Anglo Chinese School (Independent)
Symphonic Band
Singapore 91.00% Gold
4:30:00 PM 中央教育科学研究所深圳南山附
China 72.71% Bronze
4:50:00 PM CHIJ Katong Convent Concert Band Singapore 90.00% Gold
5:10:00 PM Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) Singapore 88.43% Silver
5:30:00 PM Bedok South Secondary School Symphonic Band Singapore 76.14% Bronze
7:00:00 PM CTWINDS Symphonic Band Singapore 93.00% Gold
7:20:00 PM 大安国中管乐团 Taiwan 85.21% Silver
7:40:00 PM 海淀区教师进修学校附属试验学校管乐团 China 91.86% Gold
8:00:00 PM Nan Hua Symphonic Band Singapore 90.07% Gold
8:20:00 PM 新荘国民中学管乐团 Taiwan 85.57% Silver
8:40:00 PM Peirce Wind Symphony Singapore 85.64% Silver
20 Jul (Fri) Division I @ TRCC
10:00:00 AM Hong Kong Winds Performing Arts
Association Symphonic Band
Hong Kong 80.79% Silver
10:25:00 AM 台北市立介壽國民中學暨薪傳
Taiwan 78.93% Bronze
10:50:00 AM SDAR Symphonic Band Malaysia 77.93% Bronze
11:15:00 AM Chai-Yi Wind Orchestra Taiwan 65.93% Cert
11:40:00 AM Mattayon Sangkeet Wittaya Thailand 95.14% Gold
1:45:00 PM Raffles Girls' School Symphonic Band Singapore 88.79% Silver
2:10:00 PM Diocesan Boys' School Wind Orchestra Hong Kong 90.57% Gold
2:35:00 PM Tunku Kurshiah Orchestra Malaysia 71.79% Bronze
3:00:00 PM Ngee Ann Polytechnic Concert Band Singapore 86.43% Silver
3:25:00 PM Anglo Chinese School (Independent)
Wind Ensemble
Singapore 83.57% Silver
4:40:00 PM SMU Symphonia Singapore 95.43% Gold
5:05:00 PM Singapore Wind Symphony Youth Winds Singapore 81.24% Silver
5:30:00 PM Temasek Polytechnic Band Singapore 78.57% Bronze
5:55:00 PM OP'us Alumni Winds Singapore 83.00% Silver
7:35:00 PM Saint Patrick's Alumni Band Singapore 86.86% Silver
8:00:00 PM X-Winds Singapore 82.00% Silver
8:25:00 PM Temasek Junior College Symphonic Band Singapore 91.86% Gold
8:50:00 PM ITE Concert Band Singapore 74.57% Bronze
22 Jul (Sun) Open Division @ Esplanade Concert Hall
2:00:00 PM Anglo-Chinese Junior College Concert Band Singapore 90.86% Gold
2:35:00 PM Republic Polytechnic Wind Symphony Singapore 75.29% Bronze
3:10:00 PM Philharmonic Youth Winds Singapore 88.86% Silver
4:00:00 PM Wind Ensemble of Music Department of NCYU Taiwan 84.86% Silver
4:35:00 PM Orchestra Collective Singapore 90.89% Gold
5:25:00 PM Division III Champion Presentation      
5:40:00 PM Division II Champion Presentation      
5:55:00 PM Division I Champion Presentation      
  Award Ceremony for Division III, II, I      
  Announcement of Result and
Award Presentation for Open Division